Wedding & Party Rentals


Planning an event; House of Bargains has you covered! We've got rental and party supplies for every occasion. Whether you need tables, linens, chairs, tents, party favors or invitations, the HOB Rent It Center has the pieces you need in any color you can imagine.
Brass Arch    
Brass Heart Arch    
Brass Extension                            (For Arch)
Lattice Archway                           (White, 53"Wx93"H)
White Wicker Arch                             (75"Lx91"H)
– Wicker Arches                                     (Set of 3)
White Wicker Heart Arch    

White Lattice                          (3-Piece,142½"Lx71"H)
White Wicker                                 (3 piece,92"Lx84"H)

Hot/Cold Cooler               (Brown Cambro, 5 Gal)
Coffee Carafe                          (White, 1 Liter)
Stainless Electric Coffee Urns
   – 22 cup    
   – 36 cup    
   – 55 cup    
Double Drink Dispenser     (Brown/Clear, 3 Gal ea)
Deep Freezer Chest    
Cooler on Wheels                  (Red, 10 Gal)

Drink Dispensers
Silver Ice Bucket    
Yellow Igloo Cooler              (10 Gal)
Lattice Portable Bar            (White, Wooden)
Clear Pitcher                          (Plastic or Glass)
Silver Pitcher    
Portable Black Bar    
Portable Salad Bar              (Black)
Ceramic Tea Dispenser      (Blue/White, 3 Gal)

Silver Bread Baskets           (Oval, Rectangle)
Wicker Bread Baskets         (Natural)
Aisle Markers            (Includes glass globe & 8" MC)
   – Single Clip-on                   (Brass, Silver) Each
   – Single Free Stand            (Brass) Each
7-Lite Adjustable Arms        (Brass, Silver) Pair
7-Lite Non-adjustable         (Brass) Pair
7-Lite Wicker Basket            (White) Pair
9-Lite Clusters                        (Brass, Silver) Pair
9-Lite Fanned Hearts          (Silver) Pair
10-Lite Teardrop Spiral      (Silver) Pair w/votives
11-Lite Spiral (Non-adj)      (Silver) Pair
15-Lite Spiral                           (Brass, Silver) Pair
15-Lite Arch                              (Brass, Silver) Each
17-Lite Single Heart              (Brass) Pair
18-Lite Double Hearts          (Brass, Silver) Pair
Candle Lighters                       (Brass, Silver) Each
Unity Candle Stands             (Brass) Floor Each
Unity Candle Holders            Brass/Silver All Styles

All Candleabras come with your choice of votives or 10" mechanical candles.

Candles & Add-Ons
– 8" Candles    
– 10" Candles     
– 15" Candles    

– 24" Candles    
T-Lite Inserts                                   (For Votives)
Taper Inserts                                   
(For Mechanical)
Card Holders
On White Wicker Stand:             (Stand is 54½"H)
   – Wicker Bell                                (White, 17½"H)
   – Wicker Birdcage                      (White, 18½"H)
Double Wicker Heart                   (W/stand, 61½"H)

Mailbox                                             (White satin, lace)
Wicker Heart                                   (Tbl Top, 19"H)
Wooden Wishing Well                 (21"H)
Wooden Birdcage                         (21"H)

Casino Equipment & Games
Casino Equipment & Games
Black Jack Layout    
Black Jack Oak Table    
Clay Poker Chips 100ct      (Different Colors Avail.)
Craps Layout    
Craps Table    

Dealer Shoes     
Discard Holder     
Number Wheel                       (On stand)
Roulette Layout     
Roulette Table w/Wheel     (Oak)

Catering Supplies
Catering Supplies
Chaffing Sets                     (Includes 2 chaffing fuels)
   – 1 Single Pan                 (Stainless)
   – 2 Half Pans                   (Stainless)
   – Extra Chaffing fuel    (6 hour burn time)
Extra Pans                           (1 Full or 1 Half)
Deluxe Chaffer                   (Polished Stainless)
Deluxe Round Chaffer     (Polished Stainless)

2-Light Heat Lamp             (Stainless)
Punch Bowls     
   – 3 Gallon                            (Glass)
   – 3 Gallon                            (Silver Plated)
   – 5 Gallon                            (Stainless)
White Roaster                      (18 pt. Electric)
Soup Tureen                        (Ceramic Swan)

We have four styles of China. Come in and take a look!
Dinner Plates    
Salad Plates    
Soup/Pasta Bowls            (Check Availability)
Bread & Butter Dish         (Check Availability)
Cup & Saucer Set    
Creamer or Sugar             (Check Availability)
Sherbert Bowls                 (Check Availability)

Gravy Boats                        (Check Availability)
Salt & Pepper Shakers   (Check Availability)
Serving Pieces     
   – Bowls                             (Check Availability)
   – Platters                         (Check Availability)
   – Dish                                (Check Availability)
Teapots                               (Check Availability)
Church Accessories
Church Accessories
Aisle Runner Handles             (Brass/Silver) Each
Kneeling Benches                    (Brass w/White Pads)
Easles                                            (Brass) Each
   – White Lattice              (24"Lx44"H)
   – Oak w/Brass               (23"Lx45"H)

We have a variety of stand-ups for your party including Juke Box, Marilyn Monroe, Laurel & Hardy, Star Wars characters, Freddy, Jason and more!
Dinner Fork    
Salad/Dessert Fork    
Soup Spoon

Ice Tea Spoon     
Serving Spoons     
Tongs                                           (Assort. Stainless)

Angel Fountain                        (Ceramic)
Bride Fountain    
Chocolate Fountain    
   – Sephra Chocolate            (2lb Bag, Milk or Dark)
Champagne Fountain           (All Styles)

Lucite Cake Fountain            (Clear 3 Tier)
   – Lucite Stand                       (Clear 18" Plates)
Stainless Cake Fountain      (w/Brass Cheribs)
Wilton Cake Plates                 (3 Tier)
Fundraising & Concessions
Popcorn Popper
Bingo Game                              (Cage, cards, 75 balls)
Bean Bag Toss                          (Uncle Sam)
Duck Pond                                 (Pond & Ducks)
Large Raffle Cage                    (Gold)
   – Double Sided Grill        (8x5 towable w/2"hitch)
   – Weber Grill                      (36" Diameter)
   – Grill                                    (5x4 towable w/2"hitch)
   – Grill    w/ Rotisserie Basket
   – Grill    w/ Wagon wheels
Hot Dog Roller    
Hot Dog Steamer    
Hut Concession Stand     (For Serving)
Cold Drink Tub                    (Red on wheels)
Nacho Cheese Warmer    
Gehls Cheese Machine     (w/ warmer)
   – Cheese bags

Sno Cone Machine
Popcorn Popper                 (ONLY, small or large)
   – 2 wheel cart    
   – 4 wheel cart    
Cotton Candy Machine    
   – Flossugar                        (Assort. Flavors)
   – Cones                               (25 count)       
Sno Cone Machine            (w/ cart)
   – 1 Gal Syrup                     (Assort. Flavors)
   – Sno Cone Cups             (200 ct)          
Frozen Drink Machine      (Single Dispenser)
   – 1 Gal Syrup                     (Assort. Flavors) 

Bouncehouses & Funslides
Bounce House
Funslide                                       (15x15x17)
Moon Walk Bouncehouse     (13x13x15)
Bouncehouse Castle               (15x15x17)
Rates are for five hours. Delivery & Set-up is included in our Bounce House and Funslide prices, within City limits.

Folding White Lattice               (82"Diam.x106"H)
Mount Vernon (white)              (90"Diam.x107"H)

White Wicker                (Includes Del. In City Limits)
Gothic Columns          (Includes Del. In City Limits)
Glasses & Stemware
Straight Line Water Glass
Parlor Water Glass     
Water/Ice Tea Goblet     
5 oz. Wine Glass     
Tulip Wine Glass   

8oz. Red Wine Glass             (Braided Stem)
Champagne Flutes               (Braided/Straight Line)
Punch Cups     
   – Crystal Glass                     (Various Styles)
   – Silver

Napkins                                         (20"x20")
90" Round Tablecloth             (For 60" Rd Tbl)
120" Round Tablecloth          (Floor Len., 60" Rd)
52x52 Square                             (Card Table)
72x72 Square                             (60" Rd Tbl, Lunch)
85x85 Square                        (60"/72" Rd Tbl, Dinner)

52x114 Banquet                       (8' Rect. Table)
90x156 Big Banquet               (Floor Len., 8' Tbl)
14' Table Skirting                    (White or Ivory)
Linen Bunting                           (Red, White, & Blue)
Linens must be prepaid and ordered two weeks in advance.
Drop Light                                          (Single)
Drop Light                                          (4 Cluster)
Strobe Light                                      (Small)
Strobe Light                                      (Large)
Oak Dance Floor                             (15'x15')

Black Street Lamp                   (8' Tall, 4-lite) Each
White Alum. Street Lamp      (8' Tall, 4-lite) Each
White Poly Street Lamp         (6' Tall, 4-Lite) Each
8-Lite Tent Light Strand         (30' Strand, Globes)
Microphone Stand    
Mirror Ball                                   (20" Round)
Pen Light
Delivery & setup included with Dance Floor Rental within Jefferson City Limits.

Bubble Machine                      (Bubbles Separate)
   – 32oz Bubbles                       Available
   – 2 8oz Bubbles                      Available

Overhead Projector           (For transparent sheets)
Fog Machine                         (Fog Separate)
   – Fog Fluid     
P.A. System                           (Portable)

Azalea                                        (w/Pink Blossoms)
Boston Fern    
Ivy Basket    
Rose Bush                                (Red)

Palm Tree     
Ficus Tree                                 (6' Tall)
Ficus Tree w/undertones   (6' Tall)
Clover Leaf Tree                     (8' Tall)

Plant Stands
White Plant Stands
White Wicker Plant Stands
   – 24" Plant Stand     
   – 30" Plant Stand     
   – 36" Plant Stand     
   – 64" Plant Stand     
White Gothic Columns            Rented in Singles
  – 24.5" scroll squared top (1 ct)
  – 32"  large scroll squared top
  – 32" scroll squared top 
  – 30" column w/o top            (Square/Round Top)
  – 40" column w/o top            (Square /Round Top)
White Golthic Plant Urn         (19½"H)

Plant Stand
White Gothic Banaster           (47"L x 29¼H)
White Wicker Basket               (26"H, w/handle)
White Wicker Basket               (45"H, on stand)
Wicker Heart w/Bell                (55"H, on stand)
Brass Plant Stand                    (40"H)
Brass Pots     
   – Small                                     (9½"H)
   – Medium                                (10¼"H - 11"H)
   – Large                                     (13"H)
Small Silver Pot                      (7"H)

Serving Tray
Chip and Dip                            (Glass Tray)
Lazy Susan                                (Silver)
Gravy Boat & Tray                  (Silver)
Teapot                                        (Silver)
Coffee Server                         (Silver, w/Lid)
Butter Serving Dish    
Creamer & Sugar    
Charger                                   (Stainless w/Brass Trim)
Charger                                   (All Silver)

Serving Tray
Silver Mint Dishes    
   – Mint Dish                           (6½"Diameter, 1½"H)
   – Dish on Pedestal            (7¾"Diameter, 4½"H)
   – 2 Tier Dish    
Silver Serving Trays    
   – 12" - 24" Trays                (Assort. Styles)
   – 3 Tier    
   – 4 Tier    
   – Clear Glass    
Footed Serving Tray           (Silver)

Table Decorations
Table Decor
3-Lite Candleholder                        (Acrylic, Clear)
3-Lite Candleabra                            (Silver Table Top)
5-Lite Candleabra                            (Silver Table Top)
Single Lite Spirals                            (Floating Tapers)
5-Lite Spirals                                      (Floating Tapers)
Single Lite Table Top                      (Crystal)
3-Lite Table Top                                (Crystal)
White Ceramic Taper Table Top
   – Small                                               (6"H)
   – Medium                                          (11¼"H)
   – Large                                               (14½"H)
Glass Taper                                         (4¼"H)
Glass Taper                                         (6"H)
2-piece T-Lite Lamp              (8"H) Votives Included
Roly Poly    
Crystal T-Lite Tbl Lamp                (Includes Votive)
Taper/Pillar Holder                        (Crystal, Set of 3)
T-Lite Holders    
Votive Holders    
Votive on Stand    
Ice Buckets                                        (Assort. Styles)
Zinna Bowls    
Champagne Ice Bucket                (Silver)
Bubble T-light Holder
Table Decor
Ashtray (Glass)
Bouquet Holder (White)
Brandy Sniffer     
Bride & Groom (Ceramic)
Black Vases (20"H)
Effiel Tower Vases (Clear, 24"H)
Cylinder Globe (10"H)
Cylinder Vases (8"H, 3½"Diameter)
Square Vases (6''H, 3"x4")
Ginger Jar     
Ivy Bowl     
Rose Bud Bowl     
Fish Bowl     
Hurricane Globes     
Taper Base (For Hurr. Globes)
Table Mirrors     
   – 4x4 Octagon     
   – 6x6 Octagon     
   – 8x8 Octagon     
   – 12x12 Octagon     
   – 5x7 Rectangle     
   – 12x12 Square     
   – 14" Round     
   – Mirror Placemat     

30x40 Poled                             (Set-up included)
7'x10' White Tent Side         (For 10x10/10x20 only)
White Tent Siding                  (PER FOOT lenth)
Cathedral Window Sides    (7'x20')

10x10 EZ-UP or Framed      ($15 Set-up fee)
10x20 EZ-UP or Framed      ($25 Set-up fee)
20x20 Framed                         (Set-up included)
20x40 Framed                         (Set-up included)
Tables & Chairs
Folding Chairs                      (White/Ivory/Burgundy)
Ice Cream Parlor Chairs    (Blk Iron w/Dk Wood)
6' Table                                    (6'x30")
8' Table                                    (8'x30")
30" Round Table                  (Parlor Table)

48" Round Table                  (Seats 6)
60" Round Table                  (Seats 8)
Serpentine Table                 (7'x30", Cresant Shape)
Garden Bench                       (Oak/Cast Iron)
Set-up for chairs is $.25 per chair. Set-up for tables is $1 per table.
Balloon Air Inflator    
Balloon Net                             (Balloon Drop)
Super Hi-Float 24oz.            (Treats 100 11" Ball)
21 Balloon Arch                      With Hi-Float

Helium Tanks     
  -Large Helium Tank             (300-375 Balloons)
  -Medium Helium Tank       (150-200 Balloons)
  -Small Helium Tank            (75-100 Balloons)

Helium will keep balloons afloat for 8-10 hours. Super hi-floats keep them up for 3-5 days. Balloon deliveries are $35 in City Limits. We have over 40 colors and over 20 styles of balloons for sale. Come make your special order today!

$75 minimum in-town delivery. Delivery or pick-up after 4 p.m. is a $35 after-hour fee. Delivery fee outside of City Limits is $3 per mile. All deliveries originate from 5505 Business 50 West and mileage is based from this address. Delivery fee outside of City Limits of Jefferson City is $1.50 per loaded mile. Delivery to the Governor's Gardens isa flat $100 fee, which includes set-up of up to 200 chairs. After-hour fee would still apply.
HOB Rent-it Center West

5505 Business 50 West
Jefferson City, MO 65109

HOB Rent-it Center East

831 Eastland Dr.
Jefferson City, MO 65101






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Sunday       11am - 5pm


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